Monthly Archives: March 2010

Easter Hank Hunt Announcement

Given that this weekend is the Easter Holiday, SIOz will be hosting an Easter Hank Hunt to celebrate. Initially, I was thinking it would be fun to hunt for plastic Easter eggs (with goodies inside), but after spending a few minutes in the dollar shop, contemplating all that yucky plastic from China, I decided it […]

Oooooooooh Roving

It was a nice surprise to get the shipment of carded roving from the folks at Kraemer this week. I’ll be putting it out, all fresh and pretty this Sunday. 100gm/$14.50. Colours in stock are decidedly Autumnal, with some Spice, Apricot, 3 diff. shades of green (ok, so there’s a lot of green, and have […]

Vote Today in SA

It’s an election day here in SA and the dog is going a little nutty every time someone walks by to go to the poll, which is at the end of the street.  The weather forecast says a little cloudy, maybe some rain tomorrow — I’ll be at the usual spot at the Port Markets […]

Hellos and thanks

G’day — gearing up for the new fibre season. Re-programming webpage is progressing slowly, but I can see light at the end of the tunnel! Thanks for checking in here in the meantime. The shop has been restocked for Uruguayan singles (the very popular squishy lace yarn) and some more colours of spinning wool.  Special […]

Long Weekend at the Port Markets

Hiya Hiya Hiya (can you tell we watch the Muppet Show in our house?) Since this is a long weekend and a Monday holiday at that, I will be trading at the Markets on both Sunday and Monday, 9-5. Parking Hint: free parking is almost always available in the lots across Commercial Road (near the […]

Blog Migration — slowly but surely

In the midst of the ole deadlines and dyelots, I’ve been working towards incorporating my blog into my webpage to make communication flow better and to cut down on the number of places info gets to. Bear with me whilst this takes place. I’ll post info here regarding. Here’s a shot of some low-micron organic […]