Blog Migration — slowly but surely

In the midst of the ole deadlines and dyelots, I’ve been working towards incorporating my blog into my webpage to make communication flow better and to cut down on the number of places info gets to. Bear with me whilst this takes place. I’ll post info here regarding.

Here’s a shot of some low-micron organic merino top that I have been playing with:

On Mars — Organic Merino Top $20.00/100gm

I heart this fibre! It’s 100% Aussie wool of course.

A big hello and thanks to Colleen, the intrepid lace knitter. She came by to share with me her gorgeous garter stitch shawl she’s making out of the Wild Garden mix I did in the CTH Sockitome.

Lots happening here at SIOz central. There will be new designs and yarns for the autumn and winter (some you just won’t be able to resist). It’s all I can do to not get distracted by the shipments.

I’m working as quickly as possible to clear the great Nepalese woolpile of 2010 — it was a woolalanche! Some smart knitters already came by to pick through the new crop of sari silks (some killers in there — the PURE silk sari is BACK as well as BLING — sari, banana, and gold thread plied. Oooooooooooh. I am in the process of loading a pile onto the online store.

Thanks as always to my fantastic, talented customers. You make it all worthwhile.
Mel, in sunny Adelaide

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