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G’day — gearing up for the new fibre season. Re-programming webpage is progressing slowly, but I can see light at the end of the tunnel! Thanks for checking in here in the meantime. The shop has been restocked for Uruguayan singles (the very popular squishy lace yarn) and some more colours of spinning wool. 

Special hellos to Near and Far in Cygnet, TAS, SIOz stockists — they’ve got some special lots of sari silks, hemp and wool, as well as soy ribbon in stock. 

And a hello to the people who came by last holiday weekend. Turned around and realised, the stocks of SIOz Merino 4 and Merino 8 are sadly depleted, so I’ve been making an effort to speed up the dyelots. Wheeeeeeeeee!

This week — some special yarns:

1 lot of my autumn blend, done in a very special ltd edition of Green Mountain Spinnery dk wt 50% wool/50% lyocel (“a natural derivative of wood pulp from cultivated Southern oak and gum trees grown on land unsuitable for grazing”). This colourway has been called various names, depending on how you look at it. One customer decided it looked like a Monet painting (the Haystack series). I think it looks like the veggie patch in autumn, when everything is dead and changing colour. 56gm/164m per hank (US 2oz/180yds) $17.00AU per hank (enough for a pair of gloves or a plain beanie). 

Merino 4 and Merino 10: 2 weights of superwash, premium supersoft merino wool in colourway Forbidden City — $24.00 per 100gms in either weight. Think a bright jade blend, not as blue as the Dark Mermaid. 

And by customer request, the return of Sherwood Forest. I’m gearing up for some Robin Hood colours. Thank you for asking.

This week, Sherwood Forest (new version with a killer green and new deeep blue) is in a new thin sock wool — a merino/silk blend with a touch of nylon. This is very fine, and takes dye beautifully, for rich, deep colours. And… 

There are a few test hanks in my new, ltd edition 100% cashmere light dk. I have a feeling this won’t last, so get in quick. 

Sneak Peek: TEASER! Super Secret new stuff to knit with and fondle:

10ply/Aran wt/US Worsted wt yarn: here’s my first piccie of the new supersoft, unbelievable yarn:

Test colourway is far too yummy — it looks like one of those strawberry ice cream Chuppa Chups. I’ve test knitted a hat to see how it feels. Thank you to Jonelle at SWTC for getting this sent to me. I’ll be processing it as quickly as can be. When the lots are ready… all will be revealed. *smile*


There are restocks of wool for spinning (restocking the shop with diff. colours of organic merino top as well as reg aussie wool. 

The stocks of spindles has been depleted — there are few beauts still there, but more will be on the way. If you have a request for a particular type of stone, please feel free to email melissa AT strandedinoz DOT com and I will source it for you for your very own special gemmie.  Samples of the yarns I’ve spun with my gemstone spindles can be seen on Sundays at the Port Markets and in previous blog entries.

CU at the Port Markets. M

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