New SIOz sock design in Winter YARN

It’s that time of year, when the toes need extra attention from knitters. So grab the latest YARN mag and make some Seriously Warm Socks.

Seriously Warm Socks

Seriously Warm Socks

As you can expect, it’s show-dyeing time for me. Thank you to you all for your understanding regarding orders — you’ve been great.

A big thanks to the customers who had trouble last week reaching me via email and who contacted by phone. I had both web-provider and site setting problems last week and the email was stuffed for a while. It should be working now. If the computer is annoying, just ring the numbers listed on the shop site.

Namaste: new circ cases and bags have been loaded (including Lime and Hollywood Pink)! And yes, you can use your SIOz loyalty $$ towards the purchase of your Namaste bag. Thank you to the customers who’ve asked.

Classes: due to circumstances beyond my control, the classes proposed for knitting in the city are on hold until the venue can be sorted. The best time to come by for assistance with knitting and spinning issues is after 2PM at the Port, when the place calms down a bit. Apologies for any disappointment!

New lots: Cherubs in Blackwood has the newest stocks of SIOz 8 and 4ply wools in their very own gorgeous colours. So if you can’t get to the Port, check out Ingrid’s lovely shop.

And of course, if you want to choose from a nice selection of my ethically-traded yarns, pay Luci a visit at Think Global, Hove. She’s got some lovely colours of banana silk, sari silks, and hemp and wool. Mmmmmm. Hemp and wool! The best yarn for beanies. Really!

This week, I’ll be at the Brighton Organic and Healthy Living Market (next to the Windsor Theatre) as well as the Port for Sunday and Monday (Queen’s Birthday Holiday!).

That’s it for me for now. M

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