On the Road to Bendigo…

Robin Hood Cashmere DK

Robin Hood Cashmere DK

Thank you very much to all the knitters and spinners and general, all-around fibre fans for your continued interest in Stranded In Oz yarns, fibres, and designs.

Bendigo-Bound? Please email melissa@strandedinoz.com if you have a particular product you’d like to order in advance of the show, to avoid disappointment; this includes Namaste Bags and Accessories.

For this week, the knitting focus still seems to be on the heavier yarns, so there’s a nice selection of 10ply/Aran Weight yarns in stock. I’ve loaded most online and will have them for perusal at…

Brighton Organic and Healthy Living Market — this Thursday, Commercial Rd, Brighton, next to the Windsor Theatre.

Why do I trade at this market? Because I firmly and wholeheartedly believe in local trading. The more I trade online, the more I notice a conflict in my nature. I appreciate and seek business online and appreciate the support I have for that part of my business. But really, there isn’t a good online substitute for yarn trading locally. Not for me anyway. And not for my fantastic customers. The Brighton market is small, friendly, and fun. Every neighborhood should have a market like it.

And of course, I wanted a chance to trade away from Port Adelaide and during the working week. Many of my customers would prefer I were somewhere other than Port Adelaide. I completely understand, as it isn’t as convenient as the inner areas, but then again, the trading venues in other parts of the city are scarce. This topic — where do artists and people who sell what they make go besides Ebay?

As I get ready to go to Bendigo Sheep and Wool and points beyond, I will do my best to update the blogs and shop. I apologise in advance for gaps in postings and info due to travel.

Colours and yarns this week: still going strong with club sub projects in winter blues and Monet blue, as well as a number of sock yarns that continue to entice. As always, if you don’t see the colour you want, feel free to contact me.

Angora Mohair Acrylic Blend Smooshed Fairies

Angora Mohair Acrylic Blend Smooshed Fairies

Bargain Balls: as I did last year, I’ve restocked the wild and crazy oddballs for scarf and hat knitting. These are so much fun and such a great bargain! Why pay discount store prices for acrylic and polyester, when you can get fabulous mohair, angora, and wool blends from SIOz at half the price? Seriously, it is worth a perusal at the Port Markets SIOz shop for these fun, funky yarns. Some of the new shipment include yarns that get re-labelled and sold as Made in Italy — at triple the price. How do I know this? Because customers have brought in the same yarns with different labels on them. The blue and purple bargain yarns have been restocked, as they were sorely depleted.

CU at the markets, melissa

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