Thank you to SACSOS and a Bon Voyage Hank Hunt

Firstly, a big thanks to the members of SACSOS for their excellent hosting of their annual fleece and fibre fair in Mt. Pleasant. It’s a little gem of an outing for fibre addicts! Be sure to check for next year’s date in August.

The weather was fairly atrocious – gusts and heavy rain. Thank you to everyone who ventured out in that weather.

If you were not inclined to tear yourself away from the heater, the footy, or a lovely warm cat or dog last Sat., Stranded In Oz is having its 2nd Hank Hunt for the year. Last 1 was around 6 months ago.

Guidelines for the Hank Hunt:

-1 hank per customer with no purchase necessary
-Each hank has a label, which on the inside has a voucher printed on it
-This time, the vouchers will be good for 3 months
-There are only a limited # of mystery hanks to be found
-There is one (1) voucher good for %40 off of a total purchase of $100.00 or more — get that voucher and you can have $100 of yarn for $60.00. Or… 40% off of, say, a Namaste bag.
-Voucher purchases with discounts do not count towards the SIOz loyalty purchase balance
-Discounts are only good for regularly-priced items

Last time, at Easter, I must say it was fun watching the hunters. May the best fibre addict win!

Moonstone Corntastic $9.95AU

Moonstone Corntastic $9.95AU

New Yarn: the first part of the Kollage Corntastic yarn is in and I’ll have that out at the Port this Sunday before it gets put on the online shop.

Cashmere and Wool 50/50 Winter Floral Purples

Cashmere and Wool 50/50 Winter Floral Purples

Bon Voyage first pick: the yarn lots destined for the US, well that’s almost everything at the moment, will be out at the Port Markets this Sunday during the Hank Hunt. And there are some real beauts, including a lot of Wild Betty 3ply Merino and new colourways as well.

Fibre: the new evil stepmother red 22micron merino fibre is available in 100gm bags (online and at the Port). The lots from Bendigo are also there, including the Superfine Merino lots of Semaphore.

Namaste Bag Laguna in 'lime' $108.50AU

Namaste Bag Laguna in 'lime' $108.50AU

NAMASTE: The circular cases are on the way. I have a list of pre-orders and the order seems to be selling out before it’s even here. Email or ring to reserve yours. If you would like to have a look at the Namaste before it goes to ONLINE ONLY DURING MY USA TOUR, do pop by this Sunday at the Port Markets. Why?

Richard, and Eric Corbin, will be minding the Port Market shop for me while I’m on the road. Since neither of these blokes drives a car, it’s just too difficult to haul the Namaste bags and goodies back and forth every week while I’m away. I want to ensure the bags are in mint condition when they get sent to you if you order one. So… For Adelaide customers who wish to pick up their bag order at the Port, just choose Store Pickup on the online shop when the delivery menu asks for your choice.

Brighton Organics and Healthy Living, Adelaide: This Thursday is my last appearance this Winter at this market. I’ll be back later in the year for Summer knitting fun in soy and other cellulose.

I’m sure there’s more that isn’t computing in my brain at the moment.

See at the Markets and online!

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