December Club Packs Shipped

It’s the time of year when everyone is rushing around and shopping and doing the things we do at holiday season.

One advantage of having a busted leg is that I can’t do all that. It’s rather a strange feeling. Can’t jump in the car and go do things I really need to do. I know I’m supposed to be out there, yet I’m not and the sky hasn’t fallen down upon me.

A big thank you to everyone who keeps Sunday interesting and fun at the Port Markets. Last Sunday was a sock knitting day – lots of sock knitter questions.

Knitter’s Club: Speaking of socks, the December Knitting Club (and Spindler’s Club) packs have shipped. Back on track after an October I’d sooner forget. I have to say, you have all been so understanding and gracious. I appreciate your support and hope you enjoy December’s pack.

This month, the knitting project is the Dark Rainbow Sock pack. The yarn is Stranded In Oz’s hand-painted Tofutsies®. There’s a sock and scarf pattern using the same lovely stitch, a chevron eyelet I find addictive. The giftie? A groovy Socks Rule by Kazza at Karatstix. Yup, it was def. a Karatstix year — she makes the most addictive knitter’s fun tools and I love what she did for Stranded In Oz.

As I mentioned previously — one club member will be the lucky winner of the latest Toe Up Socks A La Carte this month. I will post the winner next week, just in time for Christmas.

Dark Rainbow Socks

Dark Rainbow Socks

Spinner’s Club: For the spinners, the Christmas pack included their second spindle for the year – a little gem of a handmade wood spindle by Jim. I just love it and I hope you love yours too. Each spindle is maple, no two are alike, but they’re all similar, lightweight spindles. He’s signed and dated them for us too. And of course, some Australian wool in Evil Stepmother Red – I’m calling it Bad Santa for December of course. There’s also a little hand massager from The Body Shop to ease your hand tension from all that spindling!

Fabulous 4ply for 2011: In the meantime, I’ve just gotten an email that my super special new sock yarn – reserved foremost for my 2011 4ply wool club – has been milled and is ready to ship to Oz. Its exciting every time I get a new yarn to dye and this gives me something real to look forward to.

Kollage Circulars: the sizes that have been out of stock for a while are on the way shortly. I’ll load them online as soon as they appear here.

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