For the Market this week

Thank you to the knitters who came by to peruse the Lone Hank Hamper and more. There are more yarns to go in this week, including:

Bargains at the Port Markets: Hot buys for the hot weather — Packs of odd lots –for $5.00, $10.00 and $20 – there are bags of misc. knitting wools (nice assortment of colours), sock yarn grab bags, 2 and 3ply yarn packs, as well as a couple of luxury/novelty bags.

Instead of chucking out the ball, cone (the cone ends have been piling up), samples,  or lot ends of yarns I’ve used for design work, as well as the assorted ends that result from SIOz dyelots, these yarns have been inspected and hanked for your colour knitting enjoyment!

It would far too expensive for you to collect the colours and types of yarns in these bags yourself.

Once I’ve worked with a yarn for a design, that’s usually the end of my interaction with it, so why not have a play with a mountain of new colours and textures? If you love freeform knitting or crochet, you’ll have fun with this yarn.

Included in each bag is a surprise – perhaps a hank or two of hand-paints, such as sock yarns. Or perhaps a commercial yarn that just isn’t going to go into an SIOz design but needs a good home.

No two bags are the same – No further discounts or returns apply. CU at the Port Markets and online! m

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