Autumn means Wool

Well, it’s that time of year, when I look at the list of dyelots for the season and think — what will be new? What will be back again?

You SIOz knitters are very clear on the topic. And of course, I listen, so first up this week, along with lots of Nepal handspun, the beginning of the new lots of the Robin Hood colourways.

Robin Hood in Soy DK and Wool with Hemp

Robin Hood in Soy DK and Wool with Hemp

I’m not sure when it started, but after discussing and listening to customers, who started naming some of the colourways, this group of colours has taken on a life of its own. To me, these blends are an homage to the Sensitive New Age, slightly wrong version of Mr. Hood himself, as portrayed in the most recent BBC series.

Between the anachronistic costuming of Maid M. (she wears lycra and looks more like she’s ready for a night at the pub than a fight in the forest) and the SNAGGY R. Hood, the soap-opera-ish guy who wants to understand feelings, the show made me laugh and swear at the same time. However, it was shot in Romania and the colours of the forest and sets are awesome. Some of the SIOz colours are my impression of the characters, hence their names. The only one that was obvious and easy was, yes, Will Scarlet.

The hardest for me to settle on was R. Hood. But I am finally happy with that one. And customers seem to be as well.

Still on the horizon, Maid M. Not the Maid M. of the legend, but the BBC ninja chick warrior version via BBC. I will keep you posted on that one.

For now, Little John will be available first (he jumped the queue when a wholesale order arrived), in a new run of HP Tofutsies. Happiness for your feet. Will keep you posted as they colours become available.

CLUB Subs: Thank you for your continued enthusiasm for the SIOz 2011 clubs. And for the queries. YES, you can join at any time during the period covered for that period. So if you join in March, you still get February. I’ve written about this before… there’s something decidedly strange when a business says, you can’t buy my product. Since I make the yarn, it makes sense that you should get the yarn you want — it’s not like other clubs where the seller doesn’t make the yarn. The colourways are still exclusive to the clubs as well as the goodies. I choose yarns and fibres in a sufficient availability and quantity to allow for this.

Next UP for clubs:Autumn colours of Merino 4 Premium for knitters and coloured sheepwool for the spinners. I started the year off with something special for each club, but the next? Well, let’s just say, you don’t want to miss either.

The Knitters will be getting a pattern I’ve saved for the club, a little beaut toe-up sock. And the spinners get a special treat with the regular pack of fibre — bonus fibre … Yes, BONUS.

As always, if you have queries regarding clubs, please ring or email.

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