Easter Yarn Hunt at Stranded In Oz

Long Post for a Long Weekend: Yes, it’s that time again – time for the Easter Egg Hunt at Stranded In Oz.

Well, it’s a hunk for yarn, not eggs, but that’s even better! This year, the rules are: 1 Easter hank of yarn per customer.

The voucher discounts, if that’s what you score on your yarn label, are good for 3 months, so you don’t have to use it on the day.

As per last year, there will be one MEGA discount voucher for 40% off your purchases over $80.00 (regularly-priced items only, and excluding Namaste Bags [they’re already as low as possible on their pricing]. There will be hank replenishing for Monday, so if you are busy with family and friends for Easter, you don’t have to miss out.

There is only 1 MEGA voucher, however. All discounts are for regularly-priced products and exclude lone hanks and bargain bags.

There will be some neat prizes, including Karatstix tools, and special yarn hanks. Happy Hunting!

Thank you for the lovely feedback regarding the April knitting club packs.

Here’s what sock efficianado Anna had to say:Oh wow, what a beautiful club shipment!!! I love the yarn and you’ve included my favourie way to knit socks, toe-up with a gusset heel. I like being able to use every inch of wool when I knit, especially good sock yarn. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou…. as always, it’s too long between shipments – Anna”

So here’s the April club picture – NOT including the extra goodie – an adorable, fair trade tape measure (you know the ones – they’re decorated as animals or bugs in yarn and you pull on the tail to get the tape out… — Yes, that was the goodie.) And yes, you can still join if you love this yarn and want to join the fun!

Woodland Creatures Sock April 2011

Woodland Creatures Sock April 2011

Yarns for the weekend;:more Riveting – the supercool recycled blue jeans yarn from Kollage. Just in is the Toby pattern – overalls for the kiddies in sizes 2-8. I am seriously thinking about upsizing the pattern to make a pair for myself. I love overalls. Why should the kiddies have all the fun? Don’t laugh. When you see the pattern, you will know why I say this.

Infatuation bamboo sock yarn from SWTC/Treisur: this continues to please SIOz customers. Though it’s a bamboo sock yarn, it still has 40% wool content so it fits the bill for all season Australian socks. And it’s proving popular for shawl customers as well. Makes a gorgeous scarf with 2 balls, 3 balls will make a nice trianglar shawl.

Jezebel: this yarn is a 2ply wool that knits up into a heavy laceweight/3ply equivalent. I have the stocks listed online, and will bring the all the colours in stock to the Port Markets for the holiday weekend. Apologies to Colleen who came by to have a perusal. There’s limited space up at the Port and I don’t keep evereything there all the time to make room for hand-paints.

Little Treats: this weekend’s special for knitters: buy 2 hanks of 100% cashmere DK and get the 3rd hank at 50% off. These are first quality (not seconds) of 100% cashmere, directly from the European mill. I grabbed a scoop purchase of cashmere that was in the most hideous colourways and they’ve been overdyed in pleasing colours.

One lot was, well, a hideous tangerine and white stripe. It is now a really nice deep, dark blue, with just a hint of the orange peeping through as an ochre colour after overdying.

One lot was the a pink/lilacish and white stripe that is now lovely two-tone Dark Orchid. I love purples, but the original was yuck.

These hanks were put up in 30, not 25, gram hanks and 90gms is perfect for a pair of luxury hand cosies or a plain hat.

Included in the special are the divine hanks of what’s left of the Robin Hood colours of the 100% cashmere. Nothing says SPECIAL GIFT like pure cashmere!

Hand-painted lots: A new lot of RED – in 2 yarns: Free Trade Sock and a ltd edition version in Kraemer’s Sterling (that’s the one that’s shot through with real silver thread). This is a blend of merino/silk/and silver. It’s spun as a sock yarn and has a nice twist to it. You’ve seen this one namesd all sorts of things from various hand-dyers in the US. It travelled back with me and I’ve just dyed the first lot.

8Ply Pure Wool: The first of a new yarn that I’m contemplating for larger runs – a Perendale semi-worsted 8ply in green (it’s a similar shade to the mohair/merino lace I called Cork). One customer squee’d and said — it’s Slitherin GREEN!. Anyway, these are 200gm/approx 400m hanks in a semi-solid green blend. MMMMmmm. At the wholesale price of $25.00 per hank! – Depending on the weather, there will hopefully be more colours for the weekend.

For the WILD Knitter in us all: new stocks of crazy, wild, fun yarns, including a rainbow of metalics (this is the good stuff which sells under designer labels for $10+ per ball elsewhere) and some very smashing new colours of carry-along bling for scarves as well as fine crochet. How much for the carry-along? $2.99 per ball!

Also just in, a paper yarn novelty that is driving me nuts. Little flags of fun to stick out of your new winter gear. Available in grey or white – neutrals – to go with whatever is in your stash.

For the spinners and felters:
Fibre Specials – all hand-painted merino is 10% off
Spindles: Jim’s special spindles – the lightweight spindles are in stock. Why? Because you can order a regular one from just about anywhere, but you won’t find this type as easily. These spindles are not listed on my online shop, as the craftsman sells them from his webshop. BUT, you can get them through SIOz this weekend at the Port Markets.

I’m a spindler – there – I said it – and I think it’s a great hobby. But after selling spindles for a while now, I believe you should road test a spindle in person before purchasing. Looks aren’t everything (though SIOz spindles are nice to look at). It’s the type of spinning and the type of spindle that matter and that’s an individual thing. Don’t be seduced by a pretty face. Give your potential spindle an actual whirl before buying.

Regarding SIOz pricing: I’ve tried to lower pricing on new stock of US yarns and accessories to reflect the latest pricing I’m paying. That means you will be paying as close to the US price as I can get. First, you’ll be supporting an Aussie business and second, you will not have to rely on the USPS for shipping. Bonus! New prices on Namaste, Inc. and Kollage yarns apply as long as I can maintain them.

There’s heaps more I have to say, particularly about what the SIOz customers have been up to. Check out my personal blog this week at www.strandedinoz.blogspot.com for the chatter.

CU online and at the Port Markets this holiday weeekend! Melissa

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