Crafties in Sydney – thank you!

SIOz Glinda anad MItey Sock

SIOz Glinda anad MItey Sock

Here’s a piccie of some of the yarn display from Sydney last weekend.  Thank you to the awesome knitters, crocheters, and other fibre addicts who came by and bought yarn from Stranded In Oz. The shipment will be back in Adelaide tomorrow and the yarn loaded online as soon as I can get it back to my workroom and photographed!

The PURPLE YARNS went first — but there are a few hanks of Frost in the Vineyard still available. Some nice hanks of the watery blues are coming back and some new colours — including YBRd and Occupy Oz — for those of you who love the brights!

SWTC at Syndey Craft and Quilt 2012

SWTC at Sydney Craft and Quilt 2012

Thank you as well to Jonelle and SWTC for the brilliant shipment of String Me Along, including the new SMA2.

For those of you who want more String Me Along — it’s loaded onto my webshop and ready for purchase. If you buy through Shopatron in the USA you will not be buying from Stranded In Oz and the shipping will be MORE than the cost of the yarn. Orders for SMA from SIOz are shipped from Adelaide.

Stay tuned for the new stocks of Happy Little Mitey Sock and Glinda, the Good Wool!

Mitey Wild TwilightMitey Wild Twilight


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