Stranded In Oz — Knitting and Spinning Clubs for October 2012

Hello and thank you to all the knitters and spinners who’ve been keeping in touch as I make my way back from the USA to Oz.

While I may not be in Adelaide, I’m still working every day as always — painted in Easton, Maryland, been knitting and designing in Chicago, and getting ready to be in Adelaide for the next Craft and Quilt Fair – November 8-11 at the Adelaide Showground. I look forward to catching up with as many people as possible when I land there for the show!

Another Club Month is here and I’m happy to say, with the help of bookgal71 (on Ravelry) the packs have been shipped with their goodies.

To ensure everyone has their yarn before the knitting contestants begin, I’ll be sending out the pattern for the knitters on Friday.

No sneak peeks — but a hint: the colourway was inspired by Tom Robbins’ Jitterbug Perfume — a praline-ish caramelly confection in Toe-Toe, hand-painted genuine Tofutsies@ from SWTC.

Congratulations to Anna G who is getting a double dose of the October yarn — she finished her pair of Hester’s Socks in a flash! In fact, she knitted 2 pairs of socks in her Hester’s Red Glinda.

ashcab4444's Hester's Socks

ashcab4444’s Hester’s Socks — from Ravelry!

There’s one more hank of October yarn for the non-sock knitter who finishes their Hester’s Red Glinda next!

For the spinners in October — a homey blend of romney and angora from a small mill in Pennsylvania — picked up on my way back from KDO. It was so delicate that I thought, hmmmm — best to leave this undyed and let the spinners enjoy the natural fluffiness and fun. I test-dyed a bit and decided it was much easier to spin au naturale.  So, it’s a BIG pack of fluff for you spinners this month.

Knit and spin in good health and happiness – Melissa, from Chicago, Illinois


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