A Note for the Stranded In Oz Merry Bands of Knitters and Spinners

Stranded In Oz Robin Hood Knitters and Spinners Subscriptions for 2013!

merino singles - deep blue sea

merino singles – deep blue sea

Ten Reasons to Join Us in 2013, in no particular order:

1) A 15% club discount for all members on regularly-priced SIOz products– up from 10% from previous years? Why? Because it’s my way of saying thank you
2) Packs will have at least 100 gms of Stranded In Oz’s unique hand-painted yarn or fibre, a project pattern, and a goody
3) This year’s offerings, like 2011 and 2012, will have at least one Namaste, Inc. goody. Why? Cuz they’re cool, useful, and you like ‘em
4) Packs will include tools like stitch markers and needles, depending on the packs. I get asked a lot for the stitch markers and for the most part, they’re only available to clubbies
5) New gear (you didn’t think I’d rest on my laurels did you?)
6) Old faves – yarns and fibres (because you are so awesome and are kind enough to send feedback)
7) Additions to your club pack orders do not incur additional postage (bargain!)
8) A new contest format! Stay tuned, it’s goooooooooood
9) The service you expect from a knitters/fibre spinners club. Whenever something does go wrong, on those rare occasions, we do our best to make it right.
10) And of course, MERRIMENT! Yeah, Robin Hood-related fun :D

Be sure to ‘like’ strandedinozyarns on Facebook if you are on there. I’m generally logged on when I’m in Oz, especially, so it’s the fastest way to get a hold of me. That, and email to melissa AT strandedinoz DOT com :D

If you have any questions regarding subscriptions, please contact me.

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