Club Subscriptions Bonus Prizes for 2013 — guidelines

Club Fun for 2013 – a merry band of knitters and spinners!

Wool with Hemp in Sherwood Forest

Wool with Hemp in Sherwood Forest

Here are the simple guidelines for 2013 — to get extra goodies!

1) First, knit or spin and knit (yeah, that’s right) all of your club pack’s yarn or fibre into one garment/project by the 10th of every club mail out month. So, for example, get your yarn and fibre for Feb 2013, finish knitting, block your project, and post a photo on Ravelry or email it to my email address, **by the 10th of April**, and get an extra goody in the next club pack. So, the deadlines are the 10th of every pack mail out month.

Why should only 1 or 2 people per month get a prize? So, that gives you nearly 7 weeks or so to finish knitting with your SIOz club packs.

2) the goodies will be neat tools, or accessories, or yarn/fibre — hey, if all of you knit and share your fo piccies your yarn by the next club pack, I’ll be happy to send out the fun!

3) This time ’round, you don’t have to knit the club pattern for the pack; however, if it’s 3 or 4ply yarn, no double stranding, m’kay? I’ll be posting the FO’s here, so we’ll be the judge if it doesn’t pass muster! Just be sure you mark your project in your projects on Ravelry and be sure to tag it strandedinoz.

4) There will also beĀ  big prizes as well — whoever does meets all three of Part I’s deadlines, you’ll get a Bonus Prize – something extra special — yarn or fibre of course. This is also to ensure those of you who are only Part I subscribers don’t miss out on a chance to win a nice prize. That’s right! I’ll run the same thing for Part II — so if you are waiting to subscribe for then, you’ll have a chance to get some more cool stuff too.

We had two grand winners from 2012 — I used my discretion and decided that there were 2 knitters out of the group on Ravelry who really put in a lot of effort to share what they’d knitted and get into the spirit of the club, so Kelly and Anna are both getting prizes this month for 2012. One missed out just by knitting a diff object than the socks for the Grand Prize, but really, it was a great effort Anna!

Congrats to Margaret and Anna for winning their extra yarn for their December pack knitting!

Please feel free to add comments, suggestions regarding how we can make this year’s subscription knitting fun for all!

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