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A Note for the Stranded In Oz Merry Bands of Knitters and Spinners

Stranded In Oz Robin Hood Knitters and Spinners Subscriptions for 2013! Ten Reasons to Join Us in 2013, in no particular order: 1) A 15% club discount for all members on regularly-priced SIOz products– up from 10% from previous years? Why? Because it’s my way of saying thank you 2) Packs will have at least […]

SIOz Knitter’s Club – First Two Contest Winners

The first pair of socks and the first non-sock FO’s have been completed. Both done in record time I reckon. Thank you Anna and Kelly! You’ve both won MORE YARN! How good is that? And Kelly’s Shawl: It’s really exciting to see how the yarn knitted up! Yup, I designed it to have that stripe […]

Autumn means Wool

Well, it’s that time of year, when I look at the list of dyelots for the season and think — what will be new? What will be back again? You SIOz knitters are very clear on the topic. And of course, I listen, so first up this week, along with lots of Nepal handspun, the […]

Stranded In Oz Club Packs Are Go!

Well, the packs are ready to ship — Feb is the start of the SIOz 2011 club subs. Thank you to everyone who has subscribed. If you are still procrastinating, that’s ok. There are a few packs left for February ready to go. And if you change your mind, I’m happy to make sure you […]

December Club Packs Shipped

It’s the time of year when everyone is rushing around and shopping and doing the things we do at holiday season. One advantage of having a busted leg is that I can’t do all that. It’s rather a strange feeling. Can’t jump in the car and go do things I really need to do. I […]