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Club Subscriptions Bonus Prizes for 2013 — guidelines

Club Fun for 2013 – a merry band of knitters and spinners! Here are the simple guidelines for 2013 — to get extra goodies! 1) First, knit or spin and knit (yeah, that’s right) all of your club pack’s yarn or fibre into one garment/project by the 10th of every club mail out month. So, […]

A Note for the Stranded In Oz Merry Bands of Knitters and Spinners

Stranded In Oz Robin Hood Knitters and Spinners Subscriptions for 2013! Ten Reasons to Join Us in 2013, in no particular order: 1) A 15% club discount for all members on regularly-priced SIOz products– up from 10% from previous years? Why? Because it’s my way of saying thank you 2) Packs will have at least […]

Knitter’s Day Out 2012!

Hello from America — I’m headed to the Knitter’s Day Out September 7th and 8th, 2012 — even if you aren’t taking classes, come on by to the marketplace! There are plenty of knitters around to meet and knit with! I really love this event and you will too! Stranded In Oz will have Glinda, […]

What’s on at SIOz Central this week?

Hello from SIOz Central, where it’s all happening. All at once. Wheeee. In with the sock yarns, out with the orders. Dearest Shrekkie (known as Richard) just shakes his head when he walks into my workroom. Ravelry: thank you to the Ravelers — esp. for jumping onto the new Stranded In Oz Group there. I’ve […]